Eimear and Grace are delighted to offer ‘Yinlightened’ in Spring 2018. Our offering is a series of immersions aimed at yin yoga teachers or those with a strong interest in the yin practice. The aim of the immersions is to allow teachers to translate their personal experience of the practice into a potent offering for their students. The immersions will also explore themes that emerge in the teaching of yin aswell as the deepening of each individual’s practice.

Each of the four immersions contains;

  • A significant practice component
  • A strong emphasis on self-enquiry
  • A teaching practice element 
  • A content-based tutorial on the main themes

The immersions will be held in the Dublin Holistic Centre in South William Street, Dublin 2.  The dates are as follows:

Weekend 1:

Saturday 24th February: Yinatomy: Tension and Compression

Yin yoga does not include traditional ‘rules of alignment’ as utilised in a yang practice. Due to the different tissues targeted in the practice (fascia, connective tissue, joint capsules, bones) it is essential that the yin yoga teacher has a thorough understanding of the uniqueness of each person’s skeletal structure. During this anatomy immersion we will examine the hip joint to exemplify tension and compression as it applies in yin yoga.

Sunday 25th February: The Meridian Minefield and TCM: The energetics of the yin yoga practice

One of the many aspects worthy of exploration in yin yoga is the TCM energetics component. Our goal during this immersion is to demystify an oft-perceived complex aspect of the practice.  We will look at the 12 meridian lines (6 upper body, 6 lower body), examining how our choice of postures and sequences can target our internal organs. Stimulation of the meridian lines and the emotional healing that this can generate is our focus on day 2.

Weekend 2:

Saturday 14th April: Holding Space: Translating your practice and refining your yin teaching skills

A much-underestimated truth about teaching yin yoga is that it requires an alternate set of skills, language, space-holding, and presence. The student’s experience is greatly enhanced when the teacher has acknowledged that the cultivation of these skills warrants time and reflection. While often we evaluate our self-practice, rare are the occasions for us to examine our teaching practice. As experienced teacher-mentors and reflective practitioners, we will illuminate this process for you.

Sunday 15th April: Yin yoga and insight: Illuminating the shadow

Yin yoga brings forth nothing if not greater insight – even if you were never to teach, the practice as a student is enough to illuminate the wellspring of your own inner wisdom. The issue for many of us is that yin yoga consistently takes us outside the limits of our comfort zone, and places us firmly in the grey area – physically, psychologically and emotionally. Day 4’s offering empowers you to hold this space, not just for yourself, but for the students whose practice you guide.

The immersions will run from 10am to 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break.

You can avail of any of the lovely establishments around Dublin 2 area or bring your own lunch with you.

Investment for the immersions is as follows:

1 immersion: €125

2 immersions: €225

3 immersions: €315

4 immersions: €400

Students may choose to sign up for one, two, three, or all four immersions.

A non-refundable deposit of €50 is required to secure your spot.

We are really looking forward to sharing our practice, knowledge, and teaching experience and expertise with you.

We are committed to an intimate sharing where we can dedicate ourselves fully to each participant. For this reason numbers will be limited to 12 to ensure ample time and energy can be ensured for each individual.