Our Philosophy

The Yin University was born from our combined passions for both yin yoga and teaching in many contexts. Our philosophy soon emerged from a shared belief that yin yoga is a transformative practice that requires delicacy and nuance in its facilitation.

Through the combined thousands of hours of teaching in a broad variety of settings, we have honed and refined our skills as yin teachers, and we are excited to share our experience and skills with other yin yogis.

We often talk of yoga as a path to self-realisation, and our own personal practice has reinforced the value of yin yoga on this path. 

Eimear and Grace.

Who the Yin University is for

Yin Yogis

looking to deepen their understanding of the yin yoga practice

Yin Training Graduates

seeking to further develop their teaching toolkit

Active Yin Teachers

eager to enrich the quality of their yin yoga offering

Yoga Teachers

transitioning from other yoga disciplines to the teaching of yin

How we can help

Eimear and Grace are delighted to offer ‘Yinlightened’ in Spring 2018. Our offering is a series of immersions aimed at yin yoga teachers or those with a strong interest in the yin practice. The aim of the immersions is to allow teachers to translate their personal experience of the practice into a potent offering for their students. The immersions will also explore themes that emerge in the teaching of yin aswell as the deepening of each individual’s practice.

Each of the four immersions contains;

  • A significant practice component
  • A strong emphasis on self-enquiry
  • A teaching practice element 
  • A content-based tutorial on the main themes